Written on August 12, 2010

It's been a while since I wrote another blog post, but here I am again – alive and kicking. When I started writing this post, I was located in Belek, Turkey. I went to a four-star club hotel with a little too much families and crying babies. But I had a good time together with my girlfriend.
Preluding this holiday was my final semester at Ghent University. And it was quite a busy one, mostly due to my master dissertation. However the result is truely satisfying: I'm graduated! Read more.

Stargate Domination: updates

Written on March 5, 2010

I've finally found the time to review my Stargate Domination game. Last update said August 12, 2008. So it had been a while. This article will describe the most important changes, from a developer's perspective. I've also made a small flash movie to demonstrate a few features. Read more.

A new year, a new design

Written on January 29, 2010

Happy New Year to all of you. 2010 starts with an entire new design of this website. Next to some changes in fonts and colors, I also did some structural changes. To conclude this rather short post, I'll give an update of my recent activities. Read more.

OpenSUSE 11.2 Review

Written on December 22, 2009

The latest stable openSUSE distribution was released on November 12 - about one month ago. I'm running this 11.2 version from the day it was released. And in my opinion it's a significant improvement over the previous version. This article will describe how I installed and configured openSUSE 11.2 and how I'm experiencing it. I'll also cover the most important changes with regard to previous versions. Read more.

Nokia E71 drowned. Welcome Android!

Written on November 13, 2009

Not so long ago, I accidentally dropped my Nokia E71 in the water. It did not survive the drowning, and as a consequence I had to buy a new cellphone. I picked the HTC Magic with the Google Android OS. This short article will describe how the drowning happened and what's Android like. Read more.