A quick overview of some interesting Google products

Written on May 30, 2007

I think that every single person - who is familiar with a computer and the internet - knows the company Google. And I would be surprised if it wasn't for searching the internet. But, Google Web Search is only one of the incredible amount of products that Google provides. And there's even more: most of them - if not all - are free. I will now describe some of the famous products that Google provides. Afterwards, I'll try to introduce some new products where most of you never heard of. And to conclude this article, I will say something about my own experiences with Google, and I'll have to admit that they're not all that positive.

Famous products

The most famous Google products are:

New products

Once there was a time where you could count all Google services and products on one hand. But that time is over. And now you wouldn't even dare to count them, because you always will forget some. I'll tell you! So, I'll describe their most recent products at this moment, because for all we know there could be much more products next month.

So far for the new products. If you would like to learn something more about new projects and/or projects in development, check out Google Labs.

My own experiences with Google

Actually, all my experiences with Google are quite positive, except one. So, let me start with this one negative experience. It goes about Google AdSense. Not so long - and by not so long I mean a few months - after I created my account and set up the ads on my website, I received an email that my account was closed due to invalid clicks. I had no idea what they were talking about, so I send Google an appeal with the fact that I am quite certain I did not click on my own ads. Because that is logically not allowed. I got a mail back and guess what, they told me that I cannot participate anymore with Google AdSense. However in time, I've found out why invalid clicks were generated. I have a router at home and my brother must have clicked on my ads. This gives invalid clicks because of the same IP address. So I've sent Google another appeal, but I never got a response back. Not that good customer service if you're asking me.
But except for this one negative experience, I've tried all other Google products that I've described above with no negative comments. Each of them are great.

Oh, and if you don't know much about these Google services/products, well then you should certainly check the following ones out:

I hope you learned something new about Google and its services/products, or else this article was quite useless.