Stargate Domination: introduction

Written on February 6, 2007

As some of you might know, I was currently working on a project that should become a full Stargate database. Why do I say I was working? Well, suddenly out of nowhere, a brilliant idea came to me. I should develop a simple game based on the Stargate SG-1 series. So all things reconsidered, I decided to halt StargateDB, so I could concentrate on the development of that new game.

General information

This game will be called Stargate Domination, because of the fact that you have to conquer the entire Stargate universe. It will be a single player game written in Java (perhaps later on multiplayer). This game will be played with 6 different races, who try to destroy each other to gain full control of the Stargate universe. You - as a player - will choose 1 of those races. The other 5 will be played by the computer.

Other features

Some other things that also will be possible:

When do you win this game?

You have to defeat all other races to gain control of all the planets in the Stargate universe.


That's it for this short introduction. In time, a whole new website for this game will also come online. But for now, I'm in the middle of the development. Please do also check the Projects section where some preview images are available.