Stargate Domination: update

Written on March 7, 2007

This weekend, I completed the design for Stargate Domination, all graphics are now finished. And I started with the implementation in Java. I also uploaded some more preview images in the Projects section.

So what's new?

In the center of the game, a star map is visible, where planets are displayed. Vessels will also be visible on this star map. Planets and vessels have also colors to see the difference between the races, so each race has its own color.


When your mouse moves over a planet, you will see a yellow border around the planet. And in the right bottom view, a little information about this planet will be displayed. Each planet has a name, a certain population, resources, technology and military points. A strength will be calculated with all those information in order to display how interesting a planet is.


When your mouse moves over a race, the name will become yellow and some information about that race will be displayed. This will actually be the same information as for a planet, but all planets that a race has under its control will be counted together. Some sort of a weighted average.


When idle, some general information we be displayed in the right views (all races, all planets and all vessels). The left views will become the player's interface. Turns passed and time played will be displayed, as well as the actions on top (Command Center, Research Lab, Diplomacy and Belief). When your mouse moves over the icon of an action, the pointer will move under the icon and the certain action will be displayed just under the icon. When clicked, the action and all other options will become visible in the left top view.

Other information

It will of course be able to choose a race to play with, but I'm not there yet. A small beta version will also come online this week, where some things can be tested. That's it with the more information about Stargate Domination for now.