Articles from 2008

The end of a busy semester

Written on December 23, 2008

I'm back again. As the title of this post suggests, all regular classes have ended. I only had to take four courses in this first semester. But nevertheless we had lots of practics and projects. I'll try to summarize those projects to give an idea of what's keeping me busy. Please note that all projects are in groups. Read more.

My holiday to Egypt

Written on September 29, 2008

Here we are again! September was a really busy month. In the first two weeks, I did earn some extra money as a shopkeeper in my parents' shop. And the next week, I went together with my girlfriend on a holiday to Egypt. I also updated my stargate section. And last but not least, it's school again! Read more.

Installing openSUSE 11.0 on a ThinkPad X31

Written on August 31, 2008

This article will explain how to install the latest openSUSE 11.0 distribution on an IBM ThinkPad X31. I bought my ThinkPad on eBay and upgraded my memory capacity from 512 MB to 1264 MB. As some of you might know, the ThinkPad X31 hasn't a CD/DVD-ROM drive, so the installation is not that straightforward. Of course you could buy an external CD/DVD-ROM drive or the X30 series docking station with some more features. But the reason I bought the X31 ThinkPad was because it's a small (12.1 inches) and lightweight (3.6 pounds) laptop. And I also didn't want to invest the money if there's another way out. Read more.

A fresh start!

Written on August 27, 2008

As most of you know, I haven't updated this website for a very long time. When checking my previous post, you'll notice that it's written on May 30, 2007. So that's more than a year ago. As always, there are several reasons but I won't lie if I tell you that laziness is one of them. Read more.