A fresh start!

Written on August 27, 2008

As most of you know, I haven't updated this website for a very long time. When checking my previous post, you'll notice that it's written on May 30, 2007. So that's more than a year ago. As always, there are several reasons but I won't lie if I tell you that laziness is one of them.

So, what happened then?

Well, after my last post about the most interesting Google products, examinations started at university. That means studying! And no more doing amusing things (only in a matter of speaking of course!). My results were all right. I had to remake 4 examinations in the second period which started on August 20. I started studying on August 1, so I only had July. During that month I did some work to earn money. And I forgot to update my website. After the second examination period, I went on a holiday to Djerba (Tunisia) with my girlfriend. And when we came back, courses started like a few days later.

Third Bachelor of Informatics

I had to take 7 courses in the first semester (6 plus 1 course I didn't pass previous year). Because of the fact that computer sciences is a very practical discipline (lots of practicums and projects), I had not much time to write some new articles. But I did pass all 7 courses! By then it was like February. I was quite lazy and I'd rather like to play games (Cossacks, Call Of Duty 4, etc). And so the days passed, until... examinations started again, woohoo!
Fortunately we students had a genious idea. We came up with the idea to start a new Counter-Strike clan, called diSplay. Why diSplay? For a geeky reason, what else had you expected from prospective computer scientists. Perhaps you could check Wikipedia. We all love them. ^^
So after hours of studying, we played a few CS maps. Right now, you must think: What the hell happened to your results? Well you'll never believe it, but I did pass all courses, again! For the first time since secondary school I had like 3 months of summer vacation. And after those 3 years, I received a bachelor's degree in informatics. On September 22, I'm starting a 2-year Master of Computer Science Engineering with main subject Software Engineering. So if all goes well, I should be graduated within 2 years.

The long awaited update

As you might have noticed, I made some changes in the design of this website (bigger cube and blurry effects). Let's take this slightly changed website as a fresh start. From now on, I'll try to update this website on a regular basis (more often than once a year ^^). So it will be much more interesting for you all, the readers of this website's content. Yesterday, I also did a small update in the Links section. I've checked for broken links and added a few new ones.
From now on the homepage will show you the latest updates, instead of the most recent posts in my blog. I made this decision because it shows visitors immediately the most recent changes on this website. At least the ones who regularly check this website. And viewing my blog is like only one mouse click away!

Stargate Domination

I'd like to conclude this first post in my new blog with some news about Stargate Domination. The development isn't going as planned. But at least the storyline is concluded thanks to the movie 'Stargate: The Ark of Truth'. So after designing the user interface and implementing some basic operations (e.g. vessel movement), it's now time to start implementing the A.I. which is the hardest part because I wanna make it as realistic as possible based on the Stargate SG-1 storyline. So hold on, it will eventually be released! And of course, you can always follow the progress of Stargate Domination in the Projects section.