Nokia E71 drowned. Welcome Android!

Written on November 13, 2009

Not so long ago, I accidentally dropped my Nokia E71 in the water. It did not survive the drowning, and as a consequence I had to buy a new cellphone. I picked the HTC Magic with the Google Android OS. This short article will describe how the drowning happened and what's Android like.

The end of my Nokia E71

A few weeks ago, I went to the toilet... And guess what happened? A second after I flushed, my Nokia E71 slipped through my hands, perfectly in the toilet. Luckily the toilet was flushed, or else it would be a dirty affair. However, first aid was unable to save my cellphone. I disassembled the entire phone and used my girlfriend's hairdryer to dry all electronic parts. But nothing changed, the phone was unable to boot. Although on some occasions the screen and keyboard did light up. This could mean 2 things: or the battery was toasted or the entire phone short-circuited.

A good friend also has a Nokia E71 so I switched batteries, with no luck at all. This eliminated the first possibility. In a last attempt, I disassembled all electronic parts to clean visible water damage. Afterwards I reassembled all essential parts (circuit board, LCD screen and keyboard), hoping some non-essential part was broken. That's because spare parts for most cellphones can easily be found online. I found a Chinese manufacturing company that sells every single part of the Nokia E71 except the circuit board, which is basically the motherboard of a cellphone. Again, I made no progress so I gave up.

Nokia E71
Nokia E71

I only had this Nokia E71 for a few months. I bought it on eBay for about $300 or €200. Because its condition was used, I had no warranty at all. The conclusion was sad and expensive: I had to buy a new cellphone.

HTC Magic with Google Android

The Nokia E71 runs SymbianOS, which is a stable and very popular OS. However Google released Android and it seemed promising to me. Another good friend had a T-Mobile G1 cellphone, the first phone on the market that uses the Android platform. After experimenting I was convinced that my new cellphone should be running Android. So I started searching the internet for the best deal. The HTC Magic seemed cool but expensive. However, on eBay I was able to buy it for about $400 or €250. And this time it was a brand-new cellphone with 2 years warranty. It was also a black one, because the white one is some kind of an Apple look-a-like.

HTC Magic
HTC Magic

Android is quite intuitive and it looks much better than SymbianOS. The HTC Magic is also a multi-touch device, so it was quite an improvement over my Nokia E71. I only needed 2 hours to configure it. Just enter your Google login and password and you're almost done. Android synced my contacts, mails and calendar entries in no time. After that, I used the Market application to install some cool widgets and programs. These widgets include a fancy battery status, my account balance and sticky notes. The extra programs I installed were a task killer, a Twitter client, a PDF reader and a barcode scanner. And last but not least, I also installed lots of games. My favourites are RoboDefense, SpaceWar, Hearts and Bubble Popper.

Application management is another reason why Android rocks. The Market app is useful in searching and installing programs and games. But these applications can also easily be uninstalled. For instance when you need more space or you just don't like the app anymore.


Because toilet visits are a waste of time, a smartphone can come in quite handy. You can browse the internet or play some really cool games. However, there's also a risk involved. A risk that was fatal for my Nokia E71. On the other hand, I am very pleased with my new Android phone: the HTC Magic.