A new year, a new design

Written on January 29, 2010

Happy New Year to all of you. 2010 starts with an entire new design of this website. Next to some changes in fonts and colors, I also did some structural changes. To conclude this rather short post, I'll give an update of my recent activities.


First of all I've replaced the left navigation sidebar with a smaller top bar. I've also dropped my self-designed cubic logo. In fact the entire header is much smaller than previously with the sole purpose of gaining space.
I also want this redesigned website to serve as my personal blog - even more as before. That's why I've centered all content, and added a right sidebar with some personal information and other stuff. Because social is the hype nowadays in computer world, I've added some popular networks where I'm also active.
And last but not least, I've finally added a RSS feed. Feel free to subscribe.

Dropped sections

A few sections are also dropped:

Recent activities

Today I've had my last exam, so I didn't do much work lately. Before exams started I did some work for my master dissertation about Java bytecode obfuscation. As you know I'm working with Wim Vander Schelden (see right sidebar for his personal blog). We've made a lot of progress in the implementation of our framework. However we still have to write about 120 pages. Currently we only have a latex template with lorem ipsum placeholder text. So much work remains to be done, and next week 2nd semester courses are starting.