Stargate Domination

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Start date

January 14, 2007

Last update

February 7, 2010


Progress   72.3 %



Stargate Domination will be a single-player game based on the Stargate SG-1 series. Later on - if I get some good reactions - I'll try to make it multi-player. It will also be a turn-based game, but all turns will be played at the same time. So as a player you choose a particular action by anticipating what your enemy is planning to do. When pressing the PLAY-button all enemies will play exactly one action in a consecutive order.
This game will be written in Java and available for download on this site.


The purpose of the game is to conquer the entire Stargate universe. In that universe 6 races exist that each have a different way to see things. This focus can be interpreted as some kind of special ability with regard to the other races.

Of course more races exist however I chose those 6 because they're the main players in the Stargate SG-1 series. You can pick 1 of them to play with and the other 5 will be played by the computer. I'll try to make it as realistic as possible by implementing some fair AI based on the events in the Stargate SG-1 series.


In the center of the game, a star map with all planets and vessels will be visible to you. This universe comprises 25 planets of which a single one will be your homeworld. Because each race has its own homeworld, the other 19 planets are considered unknown territory. You can travel to other planets by Stargate or by vessel.

Main actions

To conquer other planets a Command Center will be at your disposal. This allows you to plan a certain action. There's also a Research Lab to invent or upgrade new technology and vessels. Thanks to Diplomacy, alliances can be made and it will also be possible to invent new technology together with other races.

Some preview images

Stargate Domination: preview image 1

Splash screen where all images are loaded.

Stargate Domination: preview image 2

Intro screen where some help information is displayed.

Stargate Domination: preview image 3

Intro screen where the Replicators are selected and a short description is given (with a big avatar).

Stargate Domination: preview image 4

Game screen with an overview of all the races, planets and vessels.
The Free Jaffa are chosen to play with.
The Command Center is also selected.
Also notice the Play-button.

Stargate Domination: preview image 5

Game screen where the Tau'ri and also the Homeworld of the Goa'uld are selected.
The Ori are chosen to play with this time.
The Research Lab is now selected.

Stargate Domination: preview image 6

Game screen where the Goa'uld and also a vessel of the Replicators are selected.
The Asgard are chosen to play with.
The Command Center is again selected (at least an icon and a title).

Stargate Domination: preview image 7

An empty screen of what once will become the help panel.


Below you can watch a sneak preview about this game.

It's also possible to download the original movie in full quality by clicking this link.